Crescerance, Inc. is a technology holding company established in 2011. By creating, assembling and developing technologies, Crescerance companies are focused on providing SaaS based platforms and complementary services that enable organizational management and community engagement in multiple industries.



Since its inception Crescerance and it’s companies have served the education space with tools for:

K-12: Creating engagement through mobile technology and websites

Higher Education: Enabling universities to advocate on behalf of alumni

Education Service Agencies: Serving teachers with professional development


Serving associations since 2001, Crescerance companies empower associations with integrated tools for:


Government Associations 

Professional Associations

Trade Associations


Crescerance companies have helped associations across the country engage with members, provide training and events, and improve government relations.


Crescerance companies work with state government entities across the country including:


City Governments

County Governments

State Agencies


Crescerance companies work with state agencies to help improve efficiency and foster communication around legislation and event management for decades.


Through the Crescerance partnerships, a powerful solution has been created currently serving the unique needs of many different types of lobbyists, including:


Professional Lobbying Firms

In-house Employee Lobbyist (Companies & Organizations)

Contract or Independent Lobbyist


Crescerance companies help lobbyists influence public policy through advanced legislation tracking tools, designed to help analyze, collaborate on and share important information with officials and clients.

About Crescerance


Crescerance began its journey in 2011 with the simple idea of wanting to make it easier for schools to truly connect and engage with students, parents, staff, alumni and the community at large. That’s how embr came to be, ensuring every stakeholder could be connected through a mobile app, while offering quick and easy access to the information they needed most.

As time went on, our school partnerships strengthened beyond schools and districts to include education organizations and associations. Through a deep partnership with School Board Associations across the country, Crescerance branched out into the association management space in 2016 by acquiring embrAMS, a tool designed for and by school board associations. Through this deep partnership, Crescerance was able to provide association management tools integrated into its existing mobile app and web products, giving associations a cost effective way to manage their organizations and increase member engagement through their computers and mobile devices

In order to further deepen its focus on serving its Association customers with 'everything they need', in 2017, Crescerance acquired Capitol Impact, an Association Management System company with a key focus on providing political applications to organizations since 2001. For nearly 20 years, Capitol Impact helped associations, state agencies, local government, universities, and professional lobbying firms track state legislation and engage in grassroots advocacy in over 20 states across the country.


Founded by a former member of President Carter's administration, Capitol Impact was on the forefront of internet solutions for tracking legislation.

In 2018, by leveraging the deep experience gathered through serving Associations in a myriad of different ways by all of the sub-companies at Crescerance, Engagifii was created as a "best of breed and one-stop" platform to serve to serve associations, governmental organizations and lobbying firms. Engagifii offers an integrated suite of software modules that empower Associations to Improve Member Engagement and Grow Non-dues revenue. There are many technology solutions available to Associations today, but few do a great job of helping an Association engage their members while operating more efficiently in all areas of their work of serving Members.

As we remain steadfast in our strategic growth of product offerings, solutions and the individuals and markets we serve, a model of engagement and innovation will always be at the forefront in our service of Associations.


Alabama Legislative Reading & Research Service (ALRRS) was founded to take fractured information and compile it into easy to digest reports.
emberAMS(Formally eMembership)
The Capitol Impact Legislation Tracking Platform is designated to help organization track and monitor state legislation online.
Capitol Impact Expands
The Capitol Impact platform expands to offer Grassroots Advocacy and Event Management Software to help organizations using the Legislation Tracking Platform achieve other key goals.
eMembership was built from the ground up to help serve school board associations. With an integrated toolset SBAs can manage events and training courses and tracks credits and awards for members.
Crescerance was founded with the mission to help organizations connect and engage with key stakeholder and the community at large. With the embrAPP platform, Crescerance provided mobile apps to schools and districts to drive engagement with new mobile technology.
Capitol Impact Upgrades Government Relations Offerings
Capitol Impact adds CI Advocacy as a key solution to increasing engagement in government relations departments
Associations Focus
Crescerance deepens its focus on serving Associations. Begins with serving education associations with member engagement solutions and then broadens its focus to doing all things that any association needs
Ownership change
Stephen & Frances Morris buy ALRRS
Crescerance acquires eMembership
To help better serve the association space, Crescerance acquires eMembership and rebrands to embrAMS
Goes Online
Launched a new online platform for tracking, monitoring, and reporting on legislation and ALRRS acquired PALS (Portable Alabama Legislative Service).
Crescerance acquires Capitol Impact
Crescerance merges with Capitol Impact and integrates the Capitol Impact Association suite with the embrAPP platform, giving associations unprecedented mobile engagement tools integrated directly into their AMS tools
The Inception of Engagifii
Evaluate embrAMS and Capitol Impact as the “chassis” to build the new platform on top of. Explore what the ‘ideal’ MEAMS would look like. Establish a Customer Advisory Board to help navigate product roadmap decisions
ALRRS becomes BillStatus
Launch of a new AMS - Engagifii
Engagifii, a new association management platform rolls out to clients to help them improve efficiency, increase engagement, and grow non-dues revenue.
The Module Launches begin
Hired a large software design and development team. Launch of the Legislation, Accreditation and Relationships Modules. Lots of work on several others
Traction and more Module Launches
Engagifii made its way into the first 50 early-adopter organizations. Early versions of the Events, Communications, Revenue and Documents Modules launched. The “scale” team was established
Bill Status is acquired by Crescerance to serve Bill Status customers with the latest legislation technology present in Engagifii

Our Brands

embrAMS (Formerly eMembership) was built to help serve school board associations. With an integrated toolset SBAs can manage events and training courses and track credits and awards for members.

Engagifii is the first and only MEAMS (Member Engagement & Association Management System) grown under the guidance of association leaders who aren’t afraid to challenge the status quo and see things differently. Enagifii enables organizations to improve operational efficiency, increase member engagement and drive organizational growth through one unified platform.


The Capitol Impact Legislation Tracking Platform is designed to help organizations track and monitor state legislation online. In addition to being a robust solution to an organization's political needs, Capitol Impact serves its customers with a full fledged Association Management System.

BillStatus, formerly Alabama Legislative Reading & Research Service (ALRRS), is an online platform for tracking, monitoring, and reporting on legislation.


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