What platforms support the Crescerance app?

Our mobile app solutions are currently supported on:

  1. iPhone
  2. iPad
  3. Android phones
  4. Windows phone

The Crescerance app will be available for even more platforms and devices over the next several months. Check back often for updates!

What does the Crescerance mobile app do?
Crescerance’s custom mobile app solutions are designed to help your school, district, education service agency, or association better reach parents, students and other important stakeholders in an age of instant communication. Each app is unique according to the specifications and needs of our clients based on their discussions with our Solutions Advisors.
Can we use all the existing features on the Crescerance Mobile Application Platform for our app?
Yes, our custom software development services team can create features exclusively for your app at an additional cost (determined on a case-by-case basis). For quotes, project details and more information, contact us today
Can we get custom features created exclusively for our app?
Yes. You can get custom features created exclusively for your app at an additional cost (determined on a case-by-case basis).
We signed up- now what?
A member of our Customer Success Team contact you shortly to discuss next steps. You can also contact our Customer Success Team at any time to ask questions, share feedback or resolve an issue.
Do we need a technical person to make edits to the app?
Thanks to the Crescerance Management System (CMS), you don’t need any technical knowledge to make edits to your app’s content. Contact your Customer Success Team representative for more information on how to access and use the CMS.
We are getting an app developed for the first time but we don’t know what we need. Can you help us?
Absolutely! Our Customer Success Team will help you every step of the way to customize your mobile app solution. We will demonstrate a few examples of what other apps have done and make suggestions about what features and functions might match best with your organization.
We don’t have the time or resources to make regular edits to the app ourselves. How do we maintain it?
If you are not able to make updates to your app regularly using our CMS, our Customer Success Team can make the edits for you for an additional cost. Contact your Customer Success Team representative for more information.
We are a chain of schools and we want to retain the admin rights to edit a few sections of the app. Is that allowed?
Yes- during the development process, we will review with you ways to retain your editing rights.
How much does this cost?
Our company is here to serve as a partner to you for your communications needs. In light of this, our products and services are not a one-time development and handoff for you to manage and further develop independently. Everything that we create with you to serve your community is a continuously improving and upgraded product based on new technologies, new trends, and feedback from your users.

Therefore, our services are available for an annual subscription, rather than a one-time or up-front setup fee. Your annual subscription is roughly based on the size of your school or district and the various mobile platforms that you would like to have your app on. Please contact us us to learn more.