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An easy and effective method of communicating early dismissals, cancellations, bus route changes or delayed activities.

All important phone numbers, emails and contact information is accessible to your users instantly.

Never miss an important event, test, deadline or project again. Keep students, parents, teachers and administrators organized with one calendar

Define your user-groups and provide them with information they want to receive, reaching them instantly via their preferred device

Measure engagement and keep your community actively using your app.

Parents and students stay engaged and never miss important information regarding your school or district




Community Engagement

Push Notifications

Staff Directories

Purchasing a mobile app for your school or district is a big decision, but the process doesn't have to feel overwhelming. We're committed to being with you every step of the way to ensure your teachers, students, parents and school leaders are connected to everything that is happening at your school via your mobile app.

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Why Embr?

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Teachers and Students

embr is a trusted mobile application for schools and districts and we are dedicated to engaging communities in education.  Our mobile apps for schools and districts provide a digital engagement suite that fosters teamwork and communications between...

School Leaders to Everyone

Students and Parents

School Boards and School Leaders 

Your App, Your Community...

Seamlessly manage your content and communications via your customized app. Our app allows you to easily upload fresh content, edit or remove information based upon your needs. All branded and customized content is uploaded with the click of a button and is accessible to visitors across all mobile devices.

Why A Mobile App?

Customize your school's experience

Instantly update content

Easy access to resources for users

Instant communication via push notifications

- Craig Tredenick, Director, All Saints' Episcopal School

"What the community loved the most about the app was the notifications. We were able to let them about events, lunch times and things of that nature."

Foster Teamwork &

Improve Communications

Let your community know about what's going on at your school or district.  Keep everyone in the loop!

Keeping your mobile app updated with new content increases engagement with your users.  

Stay Informed

Stay Connected

Stay Engaged

Send announcements instantly via our app and increase communications.