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Instant Communication for Our Community

Take a look at our mobile app's features...

An easy and effective method of communicating meetings, conferences, or association related issues quickly and efficiently.

All important phone numbers, emails and contact information is accessible to your users instantly. Store pictures, and contact information and have it all display on the app so people can see the people they want to contact, or look for them at a conference.

Have your members Register for professional development classes or sign up to attend your conferences on the phone. Have your exhibitors also register on the phone via the app. Add your agenda to your event and it will display on the phone as well. Then use push notifications to direct traffic during the event.

Define your user-groups and provide them with information they want to receive, reaching them instantly via their preferred device.

Pull the stories from your Website to the App so that your audience knows the latest news in your area. If it displays on your website it will display on your app.

Integrate existing social platforms so members stay connected to you and each other.

Training and Conferences



Social Media

Push Notifications

Staff Directories

Provide your association members with information about the organization, the members, your goals and more. Use the APP to create communication to everyone who downloads the app and to members of committees who will have their own channels.

With the app you can connect:

Your App, Your Community...

Members to other members

The association to members

Members to vendors and sponsors

Sponsors to members

Committees to content

Our platform allows you to easily upload fresh content, edit or remove information on your embrAPP. All branded and customized content is uploaded with the click of a button and is accessible to visitors across all mobile devices.

Why A Mobile App?

Help brand your association with a private mobile experience

Instantly update content

Easy access to resources for users

Instant communication via push notifications

Foster Teamwork &

Improve Communications

Let your member stay informed on what your organization is doing.

Keeping your mobile app updated with new content increases engagement with your users.

Stay Informed

Stay Connected

Stay Engaged

Send announcements instantly via our app and increase communications.

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